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Summer BBQ

22 August 2012

We hope you all enjoyed your summer, now that it is unfortunately coming to an end, the Makerspace will be starting up again with a Summer BBQ on Wednesday 29th August.

The BBQ will be held out the front of the scout on the concrete area.
Bring food, drink and other summer items for outdoor games.
As funds are limited, we will require the food and drink to be donated by the members.

The list of items is as follows:
- Burgers
- Burger buns
- Sausages
- Hot dog buns
- Cheese
- Ketchup and any other sauces
- White/red onion
- Crisps
- Drinks
- Doughnuts
- Cake(s)
Please don’t just bring burgers.

Whilst we have the BBQ, we will hold an AGM (Annual group meeting) where we will discuss the future of the group e.g. finances, projects etc.

So above all, just bring everything you would for a normal BBQ!

Usual times apply - 7:30 - 10:00PM