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Schools and code

26 February 2013

Here at Chelmsford Makerspace, we love getting people into programming and helping each other out with their code but it’s shocking that schools don’t teach it.

For most of our current member base, the most we were taught in ICT (or as we like to call it, Super introduction to Microsoft Office) was maybe a few HTML tags before we were moved back to spreadsheet work.

As anyone following what goes on here will know, we do some pretty crazy things with code here, from making LEDs blink to horror games to flying drones with bananas!

Every time we talk to someone in a technology related industry, they all say the same thing. That they need more programmers or at least people who know what they’re doing with a computer instead of these people coming out of school who only know how to use one version of Microsoft Office.

Now for the real reason for this post, after the jump we’ve embedded a video containing some of the best minds in the technology industry talking about programming and schools.

(This was totally not an excuse to post a video containing Valve)