Membership Welcome!

This page is intended to help people who have never been to the Makerspace before.


Meetings are currently suspended until we can find a new location

We don’t have any fixed rules at the moment, but common sense does apply.

Become a member

If you’d like to become a member, contact us at or pop along to one of our meetings!

Just looking?

Not sure you want to be a member? Follow our Twitter or come along and see us in person!


Follow us on Twitter and shoot us a message at @CM_Makerspace, usually best if you want a quick response as reply notifications to that account are pushed to Richard’s phone!


Most of what we do (including this site) ends up on GitHub, Github Organisation.


Workshops are organised by our members, they are usually announced on Twitter and the Workshops page. Most workshops are free but we encourage people to donate to the upkeep of the space. It’s also worth noting that some of these workshops will have limited places or other constraints so make sure you check.

Non-members are welcome to attend any workshop or event run by Chelmsford Makerspace, and the charges for these are detailed in advance.

Other Makerspaces / Hackerspaces

For more information on other makerspaces and hackspaces in the UK, there is UK Hackspace foundation wiki which has a list of most of the UK hackspaces. There is also an associated Google group/mailing list