Donate Help keep us running.

Here at the Makerspace, donations keep us running, and thats not just monetary ones! We’re a non profit organisation and we rely on membership fees and donations to pay for the space, insurance, equipment and materials for people to build with. So maybe you’re feeling generous, what can you do?

Material or Tool Donations

We’re always greatful for more stuff to build with, maybe you’ve got a couple of tools you no-longer need, maybe you’ve got a broken washing machine in your garage you were going to throw away, or maybe you’ve got some spare wood or nails.

We’re always happy to have bits like these, tools can be used for years to come on a wide range of projects, materials are amazing and broken things can be stripped and used for other projects.

If you have anything you think we could use, please contact us first to be sure we can make use of it.


If you like what we’re doing and want to help us on our way, then please stop by on a Tuesday evening or come to one of our Workshops (check our calendar) you can meet everyone, have a cup of coffee and drop some money in our donation tin.